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AfterEffects Excercise

Posted in Animation

After Effects Experiment

Original level

We decided to work over Super Mario Bros and its famous first level. Our goal was to make a more challenging level using many of the footage provided in other levels. Fortunately, there are many online resources in order to recreate other version of this well known world from online emulators to sprites of every character and scenography. On the other hand, we wanted to make some experimentation with Audio and for this reason we got some help from Marco Guarino and his song “It’ll never be the same”. The simple experimentation consisted in a script that changes the saturation, levels and brightness of the compositions according with the decibels of the drum, guitar and vocal tracks. Thanks to Marco for letting us use his music.

Our version

Due to the camera is moving most of the time, we had to track all the video in order to add any new component in the footage. That way there are two movements in every element (the movement of the element + the movement of the camera).

Daniel Castano, colombian Designer and developer studying master program Interactive Telecommunication program (ITP) at Tisch School of Arts, NYU. This blog has documentation purposes. Feel free to contribute and five feedback. Be bold, be brave. Godspeed.

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